1.Human life depends on the 2nd factors:

1.God’s predetermination: destinies, course of events, communications, potential and achievements, depending on weight or clarification personal and patrimonial  sins, from merits before God

2.Result of use by the person of Charisma — options of a way, unlike animals. Therefore the person himself decides the destiny:
1) Or goes down stream the predetermined destiny 2) Or uses a way option, being guided by mind, will power in achievement of the purpose,  trusting intuitions in acts and affairs

3) Or wisely hands over the life, affairs and the solution of problems to God in requests   about the help in daily prayers, a repentance and amnesty, but often happens  after passing of sufferings and losses in circles of «A terrestrial hell»

                                2.Prediction of events:

This description of a course and outcome of predetermined events, their reasons, factors of influence, influence of an environment, potential, conditions of implementation of plans, results, maximum of possible achievements, for example for 20.. g

Prediction differ from guessing: 1) Accuracy of a statement of the facts of events 2) Indication of a maximum of possible achievements 

1.On  question about a situation, business, problem:

 A detailed description of the predefined events, their causes, influences, relationships, state plans, results on the issues

2.About a fate оn ordered period:

Prediction of fate, course of events, potential of course of events, connections, potential, for example — prediction of 20.. g.

3.In the cycles of life: 

  • About birth, childhood, youth
  • About love, family, children
  • On maturity, accomplishments, grandchildren
  • About old age, rejuvenation, illnesses
  • On the threshold of death, the implementation of vital programs
  • Review of the forgotten sins for repentance, to avoid the soul after death sufferings

4.In areas of life:

  • About the house, housing, payment
  • About health, Wellness
  • On close, relationships
  • On the way of life, economy
  • The activities, work, care
  • On the stability of finance
  • About love, sex
  • About a way, roads, transport

    5.About feelings:

  • About state of the senses
  • In anticipation, the assumption
  • In the confusion, uncertainty
  • In fear, alarm
  • In faith, hope, anticipation
  • In a deadlock, delusions (vain hope)
  • In love, dislikes

    6.In activity:

  • In actions  
  • In  selection, version, variant 
  • In execution deal 
  • In realization: aims, dreams, ideas, plans
  • In achieving the goal   
  • In connection, relations
  • In meeting, visit, appearance
  • In a bell, report, suggestion     
  • In an agreement, consent, slope     
  •  In a refuse, removal, drift
  • In road, way, transport, return
  • In a journey, flight, swimming

    7.In efforts success: 

  • In an attempt, effort
  • In fight, enterprise
  • In a persistence, resourcefulness
  • In a help, assistance, to support,
  • in an union, consent, refuse
  • In a drift, deviation, to interfere
  • To driving, in a finale to win

8.In researches: 

  • In creativity, insight, creation, discovery
  • In connections, assistance, sponsorship, grant
  • In recognition, authorship, heritage
  • On the use and application in practice, in life