My Prophecies


                       MY PROPHECIES  2012 -2017

(Copies of the facts of the prophecies from my account  in Twitter  — as proof  of the truth  of God, because what  in Twitter can not be  corrected text and date)

          These are prophecies from God in 2012- 2017

On all questions, versions, choice, desires, dreams, expectations, plans, put, actions, connections, meetings, agreements, roads, journeys, flights -in orders:  day(s),  hour(s), day, week days,  week(and),  month(s),  year(s):

1) In Society, personal, life, finances, love, family, work, studies, in creation, rest  

2) In a health, beauty, food, medications, operations  

3) In housing, life, property, the pets

4) In the purchase — sale, exchange, business, sports, arts, medicine, science, research, agriculture 

5) In services, transport, engineering, technology