Out of Crisis


                             OUT  OF  THE  CRISIS:   

Complex information about events, causes and consequences   of personal and business crisis, the way out to success without  rock effects on a choice — either personally or with the help of God

                        1.Prediction and answers about the crisis:   

It is a set of information about events, causes, consequences  crisis to select a successful exit without fatal

 1.Foresight course of events, causes and consequences of the crisis
for operational measures of success:

1.For development plan
2.For selection decisions and actions for success
3.For fundraising
4.For choose the type of care

  2.Answers about the course of events and results on your questions:

    1.Ín the specific questions
     2.Ín the leading questions:

        •   About position of change to the evil or good
        •   The analysis \Evaluation\: positive, negative, impact, outcome
•   About achievement goals
   •  About that, whether there is sense
       •   Will benefit

        3.Warning of danger, risk, rock consequences, because:

      «Warning — armed!  The man who never looks far away    — will certainly waiting for trouble»

            2.Diagnostics of reasons of crisis:       

  1.The punishment  or violation 2х10 commandments of  the God’s
2.Atonement for death sins it and family for clearing of the overcrowded   «personal-family bowl of sins»
3.Kara sword of God’s wrath on the aggrieved cries of revenge

(sometimes up to 7 generation)