This is information about the feelings of the selected aspects of life  with the analysis of the course   of events, negative influences, effects

                                                1.Сhoice of feelings: 

1.About feelings                            2.In anticipation, the assumption
3.In the confusion, uncertainty   4.In fear, alarm
5.In faith, hope, anticipation       6.In deadlock, delusions (vain hope)
7.In love, dislikes

                                      2.Choice of aspects:

       1.At specific questions:

  • At individual question
  • In a specific: situation, moment, position,  circumstances
  • In the decision of question, put, problems

      2.In life cycle:

  • In birth, childhood, youth
  • In love, family, children
  • In maturity, accomplishments, grandchildren
  • In old age, rejuvenation, illnesses
  • On the threshold of death, the implementation of vital programs

     3.In areas of life:

  • In  the house, housing, payment
  • In  health, wellness
  • On close, relationships
  • In  way of life, economy
  • In  activities, work, care
  • On the stability of finance
  • In love
  • In a way, roads, transport 

     4.In activity:

  • In actions
  • In  selection, version, variant
  • In execution deal
  • In realization: aims, dreams, ideas, plans
  • In achieving the goal
  • In connection, relations
  • In meeting, visit, appearance
  • In a bell, report, suggestion
  • In an agreement, consent, slope
  • In a refuse, removal, drift
  • In road, way, transport, return
  • In a journey, flight, swimming

     5.In efforts success: 

  • In an attempt, effort
  • In fight, enterprise
  • In a persistence, resourcefulness
  • In a help, assistance, to support,
  • in an union, consent, refuse
  • In a drift, deviation, to interfere
  • To driving, in a finale to win

      6.In researches: 

  • In creativity, insight, creation, discovery
  • In connections, assistance, sponsorship, grant
  • In recognition, authorship, heritage
  • On the use and application in practice, in life

  «A man who does not look far — certainly  expect  trouble»