Advices of success for the decision of any questions, problems during the foreseen events with the analysis of reasons and description of results for achievement of your aims


 1.Advice of success That to do”            7.For fustice
2.Is it needed                                           8.To justice
3.Decision of problem or situation          9.To contentment
4.In the illusions of success (to the vain hope)  10.To tranquility
5.Ne suffer                                               11.To joy, happiness
6.In gravity tests

                                                                   2.Choice queries:

    1.At specific questions:

  • At individual question
  • In a specific: situation, moment, position,  circumstances
  • In the decision of question, put, problems

2.In life cycle:

  • In  birth, childhood, youth
  • In love, family, children
  • In a maturity, accomplishments, grandchildren
  • In  old age, rejuvenation, illnesses
  • On the threshold of death, the implementation of vital programs

3.In areas of life:

  • In  the house, housing, payment
  • In health
  • In with close, relationships
  • In a the way of life, economy
  • In a activities, work, care
  • On the stability of finance
  • In love
  •  In a way, roads, transport

    4.In feelings:

  • In state of the senses
  • In anticipation, the assumption
  • In the confusion, uncertainty
  • In fear, anxiety
  • In faith, hope, anticipation
  • In a deadlock, delusions (vain hope)
  • In love, dislikes
  1. In activity:
  • In actions
  • In  selection, version, variant
  • In execution deal
  • In realization: aims, dreams, ideas, plans
  • In achieving the goal
  • In connection, relations
  • In meeting, visit, appearance
  • In a bell, report, suggestion
  • In an agreement, consent, slope
  • In a refuse, removal, drift
  • In road, way, transport, return
  • In a journey, flight, swimming

    6.In efforts success: 

  • In an attempt, effort
  • In fight, enterprise
  • In a persistence, resourcefulness
  • In a help, assistance, to support,
  • in an union, consent, refuse
  • In a drift, deviation, to interfere
  • To driving, in a finale to win

7.In researches:

  • In creativity, insight, creation, discovery
  • In connections, assistance, sponsorship, grant
  • In recognition, authorship, heritage
  • On the use and application in practice, in life